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What if I misspelled my domain name when I registered it?

When you are registering a domain, it is extremely important that you double check the spelling before you proceed to Register domain to complete your purchase.

Domain names are registered exactly as typed by registrants this includes any accidentally misspelled words or typos. Once a domain name is registered, neither the registrant nor the registrar is able to edit or change it.

When the domain name registration is concluded and the fees are paid, unfortunately, the domain name you typed is the one you get.

If you have accidentally registered a domain name with a spelling error, you have the option of cancelling the misspelled domain name. However, please note we can't offer refunds for cancelled domain names. Once a registration is complete, the process is irreversible and the registration fee is non-refundable.

If you are determined to get the domain name you initially wanted, you may still register that domain name, if it is still available.

Alternatively, you may choose to keep both names, and simply redirect the misspelled domain to your correct address. This is useful in case of accidental misspellings by customers looking for your site.

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